7 Common Problems Transferring Tickets Using Gametime App

Gametime App Problems

Gametime is a popular mobile app and website that allows users to buy and sell tickets for various events, from sports games and concerts to theater shows and more. While Gametime provides a convenient platform for ticket transactions, users may encounter a few common issues when trying to transfer tickets. In this article, we'll explore these problems and provide solutions to ensure a smooth ticket transfer experience.

  1. Account Verification:

One of the most frequent issues users face when transferring tickets on Gametime is account verification. To combat ticket fraud and ensure security, Gametime often requires users to verify their identity before transferring tickets. This verification process may involve providing personal information or confirming your identity through the app. If users fail to complete this step, they may encounter difficulties transferring tickets.

Solution: To resolve this issue, follow the prompts within the Gametime app or website to complete the verification process. Ensure that you have all the necessary information and documents ready to expedite the verification.

  1. Ticket Restrictions:

Certain events or ticket types may come with restrictions, such as restrictions on transferability. Some tickets may be labeled as "non-transferable" or "will-call only," making it impossible to transfer them through the Gametime platform.

Solution: Before purchasing tickets on Gametime, carefully read the event and ticket details to ensure they are transferable. If you're unsure, contact Gametime's customer support for clarification.

  1. Timing Issues:

Timing can also be a problem when transferring tickets. Some events may have specific timelines for transferring tickets, and missing these deadlines can lead to difficulties.  Purchasing last-minute tickets can be difficult if the stadium has poor cellular or wifi. 

Solution: Make sure to check the event's transfer policy and follow the specified timelines for transferring tickets. It's a good practice to initiate the transfer well in advance to avoid any last-minute issues.

  1. Mobile Device Compatibility:

While Gametime primarily operates as a mobile app, users may face compatibility issues with certain mobile devices or operating systems. This can hinder the smooth transfer of tickets.

Solution: Ensure that you have the latest version of the Gametime app installed on your device. If you encounter compatibility issues, try accessing Gametime from a different device or contact their support for assistance.  

  1. Payment Problems:

Sometimes, users encounter payment-related issues when trying to transfer tickets, especially if there are outstanding payments or issues with payment methods.

Solution: Review your payment methods and verify if there are any pending payments or issues with your account. Clearing any outstanding payments or updating your payment information can resolve this problem.

  1. Refunds:

Gametime takes up to 13 days to refund you if you have problems.  

Solution: Call your credit card company and report them if the tickets don't transfer.

  1. Ticketmaster Login Issues:

Sometimes logging into Ticketmaster is a pain.  If you have trouble I would suggest the following:  

Solution: Buy tickets directly from the stadium box office that has a computer on site instead of using your mobile phone.

While Gametime offers a convenient platform for buying and selling event tickets, users may encounter some common issues when transferring tickets. These issues can often be resolved with a bit of patience and attention to detail. By following the solutions outlined in this article and reaching out to Gametime's customer support when needed, you can ensure a hassle-free ticket transfer experience, allowing you to enjoy your favorite events with ease.

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