9 Stadiums That Were A Waste of Money

There have been several stadiums around the world that have faced financial difficulties or incurred significant losses. Here are a few examples:
  1. Edward Jones Dome (St. Louis, United States) opened in 1985 for $280 million dollars.  The NFL Rams only had a 10-year lease with the stadium 
  2. Choctaw Stadium (Arlington, Texas, United States) opened in 1994 for $191 million dollars and the Texas Rangers MLB team only used it for 25 years. 
  3. Alamodome (San Antonio, Texas, United States) opened in 1993 at a cost of $185 million dollars which never was able to get an NFL team.  
  4. Turner Field (Atlanta, Georgia, United States) opened in 1997 for $239 million dollars for the Olympics and then used by the MLB Braves for 20 years.  
  5. Marlins Park (Miami, United States): The Miami Marlins baseball stadium, Marlins Park, faced financial issues after its construction. The stadium's construction cost of approximately $634 million exceeded the initial budget, and the team struggled to generate enough revenue to cover the expenses. As a result, the Marlins had to undergo significant budget cuts and player salary reductions.
  6. Olympic Stadium (Montreal, Canada): The Olympic Stadium in Montreal, originally built for the 1976 Summer Olympics, has been plagued with financial problems. The construction costs skyrocketed to around $1.47 billion, and the debt took several decades to repay. The stadium has had difficulty attracting consistent tenants, and its maintenance costs have contributed to ongoing financial challenges.
  7. Ricoh Arena (Coventry, United Kingdom): The Ricoh Arena, a multi-purpose stadium in Coventry, faced financial difficulties after its construction. The stadium was primarily built for the Coventry City Football Club but struggled to generate enough revenue from matchday events and other activities. The club faced financial turmoil, including administration and relocation issues, partly due to the financial burden associated with the stadium.
  8. Tropicana Field (St. Petersburg, United States): Tropicana Field, the home stadium of the Tampa Bay Rays baseball team, has faced financial challenges over the years. The stadium has had low attendance figures, which have affected revenue generation. The team has been exploring options for a new stadium due to the financial limitations and the aging infrastructure of Tropicana Field.
  9. National Stadium (Tokyo, Japan): The National Stadium in Tokyo, also known as the Olympic Stadium, faced financial issues during its redevelopment for the 2020 (now 2021) Summer Olympics. The stadium's construction costs escalated, and it became a subject of public scrutiny due to the financial burden on taxpayers. Efforts were made to cut costs and find additional funding sources to alleviate the financial strain.
The financial situations of stadiums can vary over time, and some stadiums that may have faced challenges in the past might have found ways to improve their financial performance.